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Women and the Politics of Class
Women and the Politics of Class

About The Book

In Women And The Politics Of Class, Johanna Brenner Offers A Distinctive View, Arguing For A Strategic Turn In Feminist Politics Toward Coalitions Centered On The Interests Of Working-Class Women.Women And The Politics Of Class Engages Many Crucial Contemporary Feminist Issues – Abortion, Reproductive Technology, Comparable Worth, The Impoverishment Of Women, The Crisis In Care-Giving, And The Shredding Of The Social Safety Net Through Welfare Reform And Budget Cuts. These Problems, Brenner Argues, Must Be Set In The Political And Economic Context Of A State And Society Dominated By The Imperatives Of Capital Accumulation.Drawing On Historical Explorations Of The Labor Movement And Working-Class Politics, Brenner Provides A Fresh Materialist Approach To One Of The Most Important Issues Of Feminist Theory Today: The Intersection Of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, And Class.

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