Chemistry The Central Science 3rd Edition Free Download

Chemistry The Central Science 3rd Edition

Dalius S. Sagatys received his BSc(Hons) degree in chemistry from the University of Queensland (Brisbane) and his PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago) in 1970. After three years as Joliot Curie Fellow of the Commissariat á L’Energie Atomique, Université de Paris VII (Paris), he worked at the International Patents Institute in Rijswijk, Holland and from there returned to Brisbane where he joined the then Queensland Institute of Technology in 1982. From the beginning he became interested in the design and implementation of chemistry courses for very different student requirements such as those in the fields of nursing, engineering and the built environment as well as developing a chemistry bridging course for students with no chemistry background at all. His research interests have been centred on the synthesis and structure determination of complexes of the Group 15 elements specifically arsenic, antimony and bismuth.

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