Lambda Calculus, Types and Models Free Download

Lambda Calculus, Types and Models
Lambda Calculus, Types and Models

About The Book

Over time, basic research tends to lead to specialization – increasingly narrow t- ics are addressed by increasingly focussed communities, publishing in increasingly con ned workshops and conferences, discussing increasingly incremental contri- tions. Already the community of programming languages is split into various s- communities addressing different aspects and paradigms (functional, imperative, relational, and object-oriented). Only a few people manage to maintain a broader view, and even fewer step back in order to gain an understanding about the basic principles, their interrelation, and their impact in a larger context. The pattern calculus is the result of a profound re-examination of a 50-year velopment. It attempts to provide a unifying approach, bridging the gaps between different programming styles and paradigms according to a new slogan – compu- tion is pattern matching.

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