Dissipative Solitons From Optics to Biology and Medicine Free Download

Dissipative Solitons From Optics to Biology and Medicine

The aim of publishing this book is the further development of the concept of dissipative solitons, which has been in the air for at least the last decade and a half. Since the development of classical soliton theory in the 1960s, the theory of these “nonlinear modes” of integrable systems outgrew its initial ideas. The purely mathematical concept, as it appeared in the work of Zabusky and Kruskal in 1965, required experimental veri cation, and this was successfully carried out in liquids, optical bers, and some other exotic media. Scientists came to the conclusion that “solitons are everywhere”. Indeed, the notion of solitons gave a powerful boost to the multibillion industry of telecommunications. The idea of solitons underlies our understanding of tidal bores, cyclones and massive ocean waves like tsunamis

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