Protein Kinase C Protocols Free Download

Protein Kinase C Protocols

Protein kinase C impacts on nearly every aspect of signal transduction, placing it at the forefront of research in how cells transduce information. In Protein Kinase C Protocols, leading investigators from academia and industry present a comprehensive collection of classical and emerging laboratory techniques for the study of this influential protein, all optimized for successful and reproducible results. Described in step-by-step detail, these methods can be easily used to explore the structure, function, regulation, subcellular localization, and macromolecular interactions of protein kinase C. Included in this collection are easy-to-follow techniques to purify protein kinase C, to measure its activity and its membrane interaction in vivo and in vitro, and to identify substrates. There are also methodologies and techniques for measuring the phosphorylation state of protein kinase C, for expressing and analyzing the membrane-targeting domains of protein kinase C, and for detecting binding proteins.

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