Organic Chemistry Made Simple Free Download

Organic Chemistry Made Simple

This Book Explains All Aspects Of Organic Chemistry And Provides A Thorough Drill To Students Preparing For Various Examinations. Each Chapter Is Systematically Organised In Terms Of The Following Components.(I) Theory : Basic Concepts Are Clearly Explained And The Various Definitions, Equations And Formulae Are Highlighted.(Ii) Summary : Designed For A Quick Review And Recall Of The Basic Definitions And Formulae.(Iii) Exercises : Comprising A Vide Variety Of Problems And Objective Questions Including Multiple Choice, True/False And Fill-In-The Blanks. Questions From Various Entrance Examinations Are Included.(Iv) Solutions : Complete Answers And Solutions Of The Exercises Are Provided.The Book Provides A Comprehensive Grasp Of Organic Chemistry And Enables The Students To Master The Subject Through Practice And Self-Test. With This Book, Students Can Prepare For Their Examinations With Skill And Complete Confidence. The Book Would Be Equally Useful For B.Sc. Students As Well As For Candidates Preparing For Engineering And Medical Entrance Examinations.

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