Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathy and Repertory Free Download

Therapeutics of Veterinary Homeopathy and Repertory

We all know that homeopathy is being effectively practised on human beings for ages but through this book the author has mentioned brilliant cures effected on the animals with homeopathic remedies by many veterinarians. The author has attempted to use these remedies as they are easy to administer, have no side-effects and have the ability to cure all curable diseases of dumb animals. Some incurable diseases like sequelae of foot and mouth disease, alveolar emphysema etc., also found their cure in homeopathic remedies. The practical and authentic information in the book was gathered by years of experience of various veterinarians along with the author. Various remedies recommended by different authorities are mentioned in the list of references at the end. This book will solve the twin purpose of quickly initiating the beginners into homeopathy and to kindle in them the passion for further study of classical literature.

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