Text Book of Vector Calculus Free Download

Text Book of Vector Calculus

There are number of books on Vector Dynamics in the market for the use of degree students in various universities in India. It is the experience of author that the average students need the treatment of theory in a way that should be easily comprehensive to him. Therefore an effort has been made in this book to put the matter in a very lucid and simple way to that even a beginner has no difficulty in grasping the subject. Each chapter for this book contains complete theory and a fairly large number of solved examples sufficient problems have also been selected from various university examinations paper. At the end of each chapter an exercise containing objective questions only has been given. The answer to almost all unsolved problems have been checked and every care has been taken to avoid printing and other mistakes. It is sincerely hoped that this book will satisfy the needs of the students and if it gives them even part of pleasure that the author had in its preparations he will consider his labour amply rewarded. The author will feel amply rewarded if the book serve the purpose for which it is means suggested for the importance of this book are always welcome. I am very thankful to the publisher, for their valuable effort to complete this book. Contents: Vectors, Reference Frames: Newtons Laws of Motion Galilean Invariance, Non Relative Particle Dynamics, Conservation Laws Laws of Conservation of Energy, Conservation of Laws (Continued).

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