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Medical Entomology A Textbook on Public Health and Veterinary Problems Caused by Arthropods PDF Free Download

This book is designed primarily as a textbook for graduate and postgraduate courses in Medical, Public Health and Veterinary Entomology. Its uniqueness is that its emphasis is on disease as opposed to arthropods. It includes general discussions of epidemiology, transmission, disease control, vector control and disease surveillance. In addition, it contains chapters oriented towards the many specific arthropod-borne diseases. Furthermore, the book discusses the many direct impacts that parasitic insects have on human and animal health. The arthropods themselves are dealt with in two introductory chapters. Apart from (post)graduate students, healthcare professionals in the field of arthropod-borne infectious diseases as well as entomologists interested in understanding the medical relevance of the species they study will find this book an extensive and useful guide to further their insights.

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