From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations PDF Free Download

From Particle Systems to Partial Differential Equations PDF

This book includes the joint proceedings of the International Conference on Particle Systems and PDEs VI, VII and VIII. Particle Systems and PDEs VI was held in Nice, France, in November/December 2017, Particle Systems and PDEs VII was held in Palermo, Italy, in November 2018, and Particle Systems and PDEs VIII was held in Lisbon, Portugal, in December 2019. Most of the papers are dealing with mathematical problems motivated by different applications in physics, engineering, economics, chemistry and biology. They illustrate methods and topics in the study of particle systems and PDEs and their relation. The book is recommended to probabilists, analysts and to those mathematicians in general, whose work focuses on topics in mathematical physics, stochastic processes and differential equations, as well as to those physicists who work in statistical mechanics and kinetic theory.

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