Supramolecular Chemistry Fundamentals and Applications Advanced Textbook PDF Free Download

Molecules are created by the covalent bonding of atoms. However, although a molecule is created from a multitude of atoms, it behaves as an individual entity. A vast number of molecules of different sizes and structures are known, ranging from the simplest hydrogen molecule to high-molecular-weight m- made polymers and sophisticated biological macromolecules such as proteins and DNA. Indeed, all living matter, natural minerals and artifcial materials, however complex and numerous they are, are combinations of some of these tens of millions of molecules. We may therefore be tempted to believe that the structures and properties of these materials and compounds can be directly related to those of the individual molecules that comprise them in a straig- forward way. Unfortunately, this notion is not correct. However deeply we understand the nature of individual molecules, this knowledge is not enough to explain the structures and functions of materials and molecular assemblies that are derived as a result of organizing individual molecules.

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