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Understanding Equine Hoof Care
Understanding Equine Hoof Care

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No hoof, no horse. Widely published equine authority Heather Smith Thomas explains exactly why this is in her latest book, Understanding Equine Hoof Care. Her comprehensive approach covers how domestication has compromised the equine hoof and offers instruction on how horses’ feet can be returned to a more natural, and healthy, state, through conscientious care. Thomas describes the complete anatomy of the hoof and explains methods to both prevent and treat common foot ailments. These methods include proper shoeing for usage, daily cleaning, trimming, and knowing your horse well enough to spot any deviations that can indicate potential problems. Understanding Equine Hoof Care provides the reader with a wealth of information on how to maintain hoof health, treat minor problems, and know when it’s time to work with a vet or farrier.

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