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Comparative and Veterinary Pharmacology
Comparative and Veterinary Pharmacology

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The human–animal bond has evolved and diverse down the ages. Dogs, cats and even horses, have long bullied the role of faithful companion and indeed, as exampled by the introduction of seeing and hearing dogs, there may be a critical level of co-dependency between the species. In the twentyish century, the animal types that are kept as pets in many parts of the world are extensive ranging from reptiles through rodents to ruminants and beyond. As would be predicted by the nature of the relationship, the approach to treatment of a companion animal is often closely aligned to that which would have been offered to their owner. However, an increasing awareness of welfare issues, such as the recognition that animals experience pain and the proven benefits of disease prevention in intensive farming units, together with the growth in zoos and wildlife parks, has increased the likelihood of food producing and non-domesticated animals receiving medicinal products during their life-time.

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