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Element of Coordinate Geometry
Element of Coordinate Geometry

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The present book on The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Part 1 Cartesian Coordinateshas presented the elements of Coordinate Geometry in a manner suitable for beginners and junior students. The Part 1 of this book containing 1100 examples deals with only Cartesian and polar coordinates. The book has been divided into 17 chapters namely Introduction, Some Algebraic Results, Coordinates, Lengths of Straight Lines & Areas of Triangles, Locus, Equation to a Locus, The Straight Line Rectangular Coordinates, The Straight Line Polar Equations & Oblique Coordinates, Equations Representing Two or More Straight Lines, Transformation of Coordinates, The Circle, Systems of Circles, Conic Sections, the Parabola, The Ellipse, The Hyperbola, Polar Equation to a Conic, General Equation & Tracking of Curves, General Equation and Miscellaneous Propositions, covering various concepts of Coordinate Geometry. Each chapter in the book begins with point wise introduction of the various concepts that are covered under a particular topic, followed by examples helping understand the concepts better. The solved examples have been provided topic-wise for effective comprehension. At the end of each chapter, unsolved practice exercises have been provided to help aspirants revise the concepts discussed in the chapter. Also miscellaneous propositions covering all the chapters and the concepts involved have been given at the end after the chapterwise study of the various concepts. At the end of the book, answers and solutions to the unsolved practice exercises provided in between the chapters have also been provided. The Straight Line and Circle have been covered in detail in this book.

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