Inorganic Chemistry Some New Facets Free Download

Inorganic Chemistry Some New Facets

About The Book

This book covers different aspects of Inorganic Chemistry in terms of 10 Chapters with in-depth and up-to-date coverage. Starting with the VSEPR theory in the first chapter, the book symmetrically presents delocalized p-bonding in polyatomic molecules; structure, bonding and topology of borane and related compounds; synthesis and reactivity of metal clusters and their bonding; some aspects of stability constants of metal complexes; magnetochemistry; mechanism of inorganic reactions; molecular orbital (MO) approach of bonding in transition metals; bonding in organometallic sandwich compounds based on MO approach. Safe and economical inorganic experiments at UG and PG Levels are also presented in the last chapter. At the end, five relevant topics are included as appendices for updating students and faculty members.

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