DNA Protein Interactions Principles and Protocols Free Download

DNA Protein Interactions Principles and Protocols

DNA-protein interactions are fundamental to understanding biological growth, development, differentiation, evolution, and disease, and are also increasingly important to the biotechnology industry. In DNA-Protein Interactions: Principles and Protocols, 2nd Edition, Dr. Tom Moss assembles the new standard collection of cutting-edge techniques to identify key protein-DNA interactions, define their components, and determine the nature of their interactions and their manner of function, both in the cell and in the test tube. Each detailed method has been optimized and tested by a hands-on expert to ensure experimental success, and provides helpful notes on pitfalls to avoid, as well as alternate strategies. The techniques span a wide range, from factor identification to atomic detail, and include multiple DNA footprinting analyses, including in vivo strategies, gel shift (EMSA) optimization, SELEX, surface plasmon resonance, site-specific DNA-protein crosslinking, and UV laser crosslinking.

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