Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Free Download

Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

This book provides a survey of current biochemistry and molecular biology in the form of a dictionary. It contains short but informative entries arranged under more than 17,000 headwords, providing fundamental but up-to-date information that is often difficult to locate in today’soverspecialized world. The book is intended as a handy reference of first resource for those seeking information outside their immediate knowledge area or for those who need to refresh their memory of fundamental knowledge. It gives the meanings of many terms used in molecular biology and describes the essential featuresof over approximately 2,000 enzymes and proteins, describing the reactions they catalyse or functions they perform, and includes filenames that facilitate the location of entires in databases of sequences. Many entries describe chemical compounds of relevance to biochemists, with approximately 950symbols and abbreviations. In addition, many physico-chemical laws, constants, and formulae are detailed. This revised edition has been fully up-dated in order to include the new information that has been discovered since the original edition was published in 1997.

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