Practical Organic Chemistry A Student Handbook of Techniques Free Download

Practical Organic Chemistry A Student Handbook of Techniques

One of the very best things about organic chemistry is actually doing experimental work at the beneh. This applies not only at the profes­ sionallevel but also from the earliest stages of apprenticeship to the craft as a student. The fascination sterns from the nature of the sub­ ject itself, with its vast array of different types of reaction and its al­ most infinite variety of different chemical compounds. Each reaction and each new compound pose their own particular problems to chal­ lenge the skill and ingenuity of the chemist, whether working in a first-year teaching la bora tory or at the frontiers of research. This book is intended to provide basic guidance in the essential experimental techniques used in a typical undergraduate course. It gives concise coverage of the range of practical skills required, from first-year level when students may have no previous experience, up to final-year level when students are usually involved in more complex and dem an ding experimental work in supervised research projects.

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