Organic Chemistry A Modern Approach, Vol I Free Download

Organic Chemistry A Modern Approach, Vol I

‘Organic Chemistry A Modern Approach, Volume I, 1e’ is primarily intended for the students of B.Sc. Honours (Chemistry) course of Calcutta University and other major Eastern Indian Universities. The book has been aimed at ‘learning by practice’ approach. The book provides a detailed step-by-step explanation to various reaction mechanisms supplemented with graphical presentation of bonds at every step. The text lays special focus at the explanation of topics such as hybridization, electronegativity and bond polarity, stereochemistry and reaction mechanisms- SN1, SN2, SN2’, SNi mechanisms and NGP. Supplemented with a total of 1000 solved examples and unsolved questions, the text holistically imparts ample scope for self-study and exam-orientation.

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