Shift invariant Uniform Algebras on Groups Free Download

Shift invariant Uniform Algebras on Groups

Shift-invariant algebras are uniform algebras of continuous functions on compact connected groups,that are invariant under shifts by group elements. They are out growths of generalized analytic functions, introduced almost yearsago by Arens and Singer, and are the central object of this book. Associated algebras of almost periodic functions of real variables and of bounded analytic functions on the unit disc are also considered and carried along within the shift-invariant framework. The adopted general approach leads to non-standard perspectives, never-asked-before questions, and unexpected properties. The book is based mainly on our quite recent,some even unpublished,results. Most of its basic notions and ideas originate in [T2]. Their further development, however, can be found in journal or preprint form only. Basic terminologyand standard properties of uniform algebra sarepresented in Chapter 1. Associated algebras, such as Bourgain algebras, polynomial ext- sions, and inductive limit algebras are introduced and discussed.

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