Applied Chemistry A Textbook for Engineers and Technologists 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

This book is the result of teaching a one semester course in Applied Chemistry (Chemistry 224) to second year engineering students for over 15 years. The contents of the course evolved as the interests and needs of both the students and Engineering Faculty changed. All the students had at least one semester of Introductory Chemistry and it has been assumed in this text that the students have been exposed to Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics, Solution Equilibrium, and Organic Chemistry. These topics must be discussed either before starting the Applied subjects or developed as required if the students are not familiar with these prerequisites. Engineering students often ask “Why is another Chemistry course required for Non-Chemical Engineers?” There are many answers to this question but foremost is that the Professional Engineer must know when to consult a Chemist and be able to communicate with him. When this is not done the consequences can be a disaster due to faulty design, poor choice of materials or inadequate safety factors. Examples of blunders abound and only a few will be described in an attempt to convince the student to take the subject matter seriously.

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