Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry, 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Analytical Methods in Combinatorial Chemistry, 2nd Edition P

This volume summarizes most analytical technologies that are applied to solving various problems in broad areas of combinatorial chemistry: chemistry optimization, library synthesis, lead selection, and lead optimization. It also suggests many avenues for further research, especially the need for major breakthroughs to resolve the incompatibility between parallel synthesis and the serial analysis and purification. Filling the tremendous need for analytical methodologies in various phases of combinatorial chemistry, this book will be a necessary addition to the library of anyone using combinatorial chemistry. While there are several resources available on the subject, there are no other books that deal specifically with analytical issues in combinatorial chemistry. Not only an ideal companion to the comprehensive reference books used by chemists in combinatorial chemistry, it is a timely textbook for university and graduate students, introducing them to the updated applications of modern analytical technologies in the rapidly growing field of combinatorial chemistry.

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