The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, Volume 2 PDF Free Download

The Chemistry of Metal Enolates, Volume 2 PDF

PATAI’s Chemistry of Functional Groups publishes comprehensive reviews on all aspects of specific functional groups. Each volume contains outstanding surveys on theoretical and computational aspects, NMR, MS, other spectroscopic methods and analytical chemistry, structural aspects, thermochemistry, photochemistry, synthetic approaches and strategies, synthetic uses and applications in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, biological, biochemical and environmental aspects. To date, over 140 volumes have been published in the series.
Metal enolates form a class of compounds that have recently received much attention because of their part in the selective formation of carbon-carbon bonds via the aldol reaction. Other applications for metal enolates, such as their use in forming metal coatings, are also discussed. This volume extends and complements the previous volume 1, which was published in 2009.

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