Mathematical Analysis of Physical Problems PDF Free Download

Mathematical Analysis of Physical Problems PDF

For the physicist, mathematics is a language, or shorthand, for constructing workable models (necessarily approximate and incomplete) of aspects of physical reality. The present text, by a noted professor of physics at McGill University, Montreal, deals in an exceptionally well-organized way with some of the crucial mathematical tools used to construct such models.
Contents include: I: The Vibrating String; II. Linear Vector Spaces; III. The Potential Equation; IV: Fourier and Laplace Transforms and Their Applications; V. Propagation and Scattering of Waves; VI. Problems of Diffusion and Attenuation; VII. Probability and Stochastic Processes; VIII. Fundamental Principles of Quantum Mechanics; IX. Some Soluble Problems of Quantum Mechanics; X. Quantum Mechanics of Many-body Problems.

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