Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis, Analysis, Screening PDF Free Download

Combinatorial Chemistry Synthesis, Analysis, Screening PDF

Combinatorial chemistry is a proven time- and resource-saving synthetic method of outstanding importance for industrial processes. Compound libraries help to save time and money, especially in the search for new drugs, and therefore play a pivotal role in solving the problem of the worldwide increasing demand for new and more active drugs. Not only substances, which are of interest for pharmaceutical chemistry, but also materials, catalysts, and biomolecules such as DNA or oligosaccharides are readily available with high structural diversities. The broad scope of combinatorial sciences is reflected by this book, edited by G√ľnther Jung: The synthetic methods discussed range from solid-phase to solution phase synthesis, from preparations of small molecules such as amines or alcohols to those of complex biomolecules. Feasible methods, efficient techniques, new trends in automation, and state-of-the-art fast instrumental analytical and screening methods are presented with many practical tips and tricks for everybody working in combinatorial chemistry.

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