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Statistic for Veterinary and Animal Science ,2nd Edition Free Download

Statistic for Veterinary and Animal Science ,2nd Edition

About Book

Interpreting statistical information and carrying out statistical procedures is an integral part of veterinary and animal science. This successful textbook, now in its second edition and with an accompanying CD, provides the reader with the necessary information to handle numerical data and critically appraise the statistical methodology in the literature in the fields of veterinary and animal science. Written in a non-mathematical way with an emphasis on assimilating underlying concepts and correctly interpreting computer output, it contains numerous worked real examples to help the reader develop an understanding of the procedures.Revised and updated throughout, this new edition of Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science.

  • is now accompanied by a CD containing the datasets used in the examples so that the user can work through the procedures.
  • assumes no prior knowledge of statistics.
  • features learning objectives and exercises in every chapter to evaluate progress in understanding.
  • includes helpful flowcharts to provide a guide to the correct analysis of data.
  • contains glossaries of notation and terminology which act as ready reference.
  • indicates the more advanced sections that can be skipped initially without loss of continuity.
  • includes a new chapter in which the fundamental importance of statistics to the practice of evidence-based veterinary medicine is clearly demonstrated and explained.
  • incorporates new material on regression methods such as Poisson regression, regression models for clustered data, Cox proportional hazards regression models for survival data and generalized linear models.
  • Specifically written for veterinary science and animal science students, researchers and practitioners for whom no other suitable text exists.

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