Thermal Methods in Petroleum Analysis Free Download

Thermal Methods in Petroleum Analysis

Firstly, the methods employed in obtaining thermoanalytic data, in particular thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis and differential scanning calorimetry, are presented, and the underpinning theory described. Next, the data obtained from model substances, i.e. pure hydrocarbons, is displayed; it is then explained how multicomponent hydrocarbon systems may be characterized by comparison of their data with this. Research into petroleum and its products using these methods is outlined. The reactions central to various refinery processes, tertiary oil recovery, lubricant stability testing and oil shale retorting, to name but a few examples, are investigated as are relevant pyrolysis and oxidation reactions. Finally, readers are brought up-to-date with recent developments in instrumentation, are recommended hardware and software and are provided with a list of suppliers.

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